Cap Gun Beer Bottle Opener

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1. High quality: The corkscrew is made of rugged ABS and has a long service life, you don’t need to worry about the corkscrew coming off from the plastic

2. Bottle opener: gun-shaped bottle opener, use this bottle opener to easily open the bottle without causing confusion or spillage

3. Cap gun launcher: It can also be used as a cap launcher. The unique design can fix the cap and eject it safely and can shoot a cap over 5 meters.

4. Amazing drinking game, enhance the atmosphere and impress your guests


Suitable for gift-giving occasions, birthdays, holidays, advertising and promotion
Color: gray, red, black, blue
Size: about 13*6*3.7cm/5.12*2.36*1.46in
Weight: about 40g
Style: American


Bullet Points:
1 Easy to Carry: Lightweight and easy to carry, easy to start your party.
2 Innovative and Interesting: Innovative and interesting, good look, effortless and funny to use.
3 Multiple Colors Available: Black, gray, blue, red.
4 Environmentally Friendly: Environmentally friendly materials, absolutely harmless and safe.

5 Wide Application: The best corkscrew used in home, bar, meeting, party, picnic and leisure occasions.


Package Included:

1 * Bottle opener





Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hans Nitzsche

Shoots pretty far super cool and pretty solid quality

Madilyn Jerde

Good quality product.