Electric Water Dispenser USB Charging

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Folding pump

Redefine the water pump, the new way is cleaner

Folding storage / clean and hygienic / more ritual



Product name: Folding pump

Product model: 012

Rated capacity: 1200mAh

Rated power: 2.5W

Input: DC5.0V 1.0A

Product size: 147.6mm *φ64mm

Product weight: 221.8g



More hygienic when folded

Get rid of the trouble of getting dirty and easy to get out of the water outlet of the traditional water pump.



A sense of ritual is also necessary when taking water.

Inadvertent small interactions will make you fall in love instantly.



In an instant, enjoy straight drinking.

Equipped with a powerful booster water pump, high-efficiency water discharge, instantly filling a glass of water.



Simple and easy to use, convenient to take water.

One-key operation, easy to get started, and automatic shutdown at regular intervals.



It can be used wirelessly, and you can drink safely anytime, anywhere.

Built-in battery, get rid of the location restriction of traditional water dispenser. Used in a variety of scenarios, unlimited living room, kitchen, outdoor dining, drinking water is a good helper.



TYPE-C charging port

The mainstream charging method can be charged anywhere.

Adapter direct charging, mobile power supply, computer USB interface, etc.



Long battery life

No need to charge frequently



Large pots and small cups are easy to deal with.

The inclined angle of the water outlet, the large and small containers are unobstructed, and the large containers can also solve the problem of receiving water.



Big kettle

No need to hold water

Free your hands, no need to hold the kettle to collect water, and resolve the difficulty of receiving water from traditional drinking fountains.



The assembly is firm and not easy to loosen.

Ingeniously adapted design, it can tightly fit most large barrels of small-caliber bottled water, and there is no worries when using it.



One machine for multiple uses

Compatible with a variety of bottled water

Easy to adapt to mainstream bottled water in the market



Equally suitable

Desktop use

Drink water, close at hand.




Gently push down and close up after each use, which is neat and hygienic.



Install and use

Lightweight and compact, changing the water does not require laborious lifting of the barreled machine and changing the water elegantly ever since.

installation steps






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Electric Water Dispenser USB Charging

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Electric Water Dispenser USB Charging

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Electric Water Dispenser USB Charging

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Electric Water Dispenser USB Charging