Electronic Mosquito Repellent Trap

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1. The foldable wall-mounted design does not take up space, allowing you to place it anywhere so that mosquitoes have nowhere to escape,

2. Made of durable ABS plastic instead of other cheap and fragile recycled materials, it is very convenient to charge and store

3. It can be used as a hand-held mosquito swatter or mosquito killer, instantly releasing up to 3000V voltage, high-voltage electric shock to kill mosquitoes, fast and efficient

4. The middle layer of the network is the working power grid, and the two sides are the isolation protection network to protect you from being accidentally touched and operated

Product material: ABS

Product size: Unfolded 47*23.5*5cm Folded 27*23.5*5cm

Charging port: Type-c

Motor/Battery Type: Lithium Battery

Battery capacity: 1200mah

Gear: 3 gears

Charging time: 3-4h

Use time: 6-8h


1. Please fully charge it when you use it for the first time or when it has not been used for a long time

2. Do not rinse electric mosquito swatter with water to avoid short circuits.

3. Do not touch the electric mosquito swatter with your fingers or other metal objects while it is working.

4. Do not use the product in presence of flammable liquids or gases

5. Please Keep it out of reach of children !!!

The Package Included:

1 * Electric mosquito swatter

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Electronic Mosquito Repellent Trap

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Electronic Mosquito Repellent Trap