Note Board Creative USB Led Night Light

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1. This product has three shapes: heart-shaped, round and vertical square

2. Two kinds of lights, one is warm yellow, there is no switch, plug in the USB and it will light up. Another three-color dimming, switch discoloration

3. The writing pen is white and can write content DIY. It is powered by USB and the product itself is not charged.

Creative USB message board lamp, a great and practical decoration light for the home.

Transparent acrylic board material, with amazing light effect.

The LED bead is a warm light color and can add a warm atmosphere.

This board lamp is with a free pen as a gift, you can leave a message with this pen. The messages are easily removed by the eraser on the pen top.

USB input way, very convenient power way, you can connect it to a power bank, adapter, laptop, etc.

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Stefan Effertz

All are in good condition am very happy to see this product same as shown in pictures

Dewayne Medhurst