Power Bank Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

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Infinix XE25

Noise canceling technology


Charging case battery rated capacity/power


Communication range

10m(open space free of obstacles)


60ms super low latency, 2000mAh Battery(with charging case)

 LED Charging Display.

Charging port


Standard package

Earphone box*1


 Warranty card*1

 User manual*1

 Type-C cable*1

 Type-C Cable to Type-C Cable*1



Reasons for choosing xe25

Power Monster Unleashed

2000mAh Battery with Type-C for a Rapid and Flexible Charge

Reversible Charger Expand Your Power

The 2000mAh ultra-high-capacity charging case can be used as the emergency backup power for your smart phones or other devices, making it the perfect travel companion anywhere you go

Instant Connecting, 10m Stable Transmission

Super-fast connection. That's what you get with the Infinix XE25.
Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 technology and dual-channel transmission, your XE25 will be instantly connected within a 10m radius.

LED Charging Display, Keeping You Informed

With the LED Charging Display, the battery of each earbud and charging case is clearly visible

Noise Off, Environment Noise Cancellation
Thanks to ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation) technology and deep neural networks adept at speech recognition

Design Out-of-the-box

The XE25 is accompanied by a uniquely designed charging case that is capable of charging your TWS earbuds quickly and efficiently no matter where you go.

60ms Super-low Latency, Mind-blasting Gaming Sessions

Thanks to a 60ms super-low latency which makes data processing a lot smoother and more efficient. Plus, the sound localization function can help you gte a precise position through an enemy shot during the game.

Rapid Pairing and Connecting Flash Connect

Infinix XE25 connects immediately after the ear buds are removed from the charging case. Not only does it offer quick pairing

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