All-season Cotton Futon Cushion

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All-season Cotton Futon Cushion brings you a lot of comfort and convenience. No matter when you are enjoying a cup of tea, meditation at home, or inviting a couple of people seating around when there is a family gathering or party going on at home. 

These washable futon cushions are easy to store underneath your coffee table. Very practical to use either as a chair mat, a tatami mat, a sofa cushion, or a futon seat on the carpet. 

  • Eco-friendly material, washable 
  • Soft cushion but strong and tore resistance cover 
  • Long-lasting cotton material can be used for all season 
  • Fashion design print can be used for room decoration/ home staging 
  • Easy to store 
  • Large round shape, 50 cm*50 cm
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Customer Reviews

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Good quality

It is a great value comparing with the price. I love it!