Smart Visual Ear Stick

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Made of PC and silicone material, the ear stick head is soft and comfortable


300w high precision endoscope, easy to dive into the small ear canal


Magnetic charging base, 1.5 hours fast charge can be used for 60 days


Four-axis intelligent directional gyroscope, exquisite ear picking at any angle


Lens bore only 3.5mm, specially designed for children and people with small ears


High-Tech WiFi Chip


19pcs secret ear parts to need your different needs


Come with a magnetically charged base, easy and convenient to charge and storage


Intelligent visual ear stick, suitable for elderly and children


Base accessory storage box: Easy to store, convenient, and not messy. Use the scene to change the ear spoon head anytime, anywhere




Product Name M9 Pro Intelligent Visual Ear Pick Rod


Network Standards: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n


Antenna: Built-in FPC Antenna


Working Frequency: 2.4 GHz


Image Transmission Rate: 30fps


Working Environment Temperature: -10~50 Centigrade


Battery: 350mAh


Battery Life Approx 90 Minute


Charge time: 1.5h


Input Current: DC 5V 300mA


Inside Diameter of Lens: 4.5mm


Optimum Focal Length: 1.5 - 2cm


Pixel: 3 Million


Gravity Sensor: 4 Axis


Host Weight 32g ( Without Base)


Intelligent visual ear picking rod
Magnetic base style
Clear ear pick-up Clear view of the ear canal
High-precision endoscope Fast speed WIFI I Meet the ear picking needs of the whole family

Meet the ear picking needs of the entire family
Enjoy professional safety ear picking service anytime
Small body full of black technology

300W high-precision endoscope
Easily dive into the small ear canal
For HD In-ear World Ready for everything
The effect of making 300W pixels close to 400W pixels

It's like turning on the ear picking God mode
Earwax and earwax at a glance
Let you see the real ear Experience the unrestrained thrill of plucking ears

High-end wifi chip
Transmission gallop
You can see when booting Explore the In-ear tunnel beyond imagination
Fluent not stuck The visual shock from the face

350mah Born for lasting
Extremely long battery life
1.5 hours fast charge, available for 60 days
Use 90 minutes every charge
Use once a week for ten minutes each time available about 60 days

Magnetic charging base
Anytime Full battery
Keep pleasing when Ear picking Say goodbye to no power
After work when working Plug the ear pick rod into the base to charge

Base accessory storage box
Easy storage Convenient and not messy
More peace of mind More peace of mind
Use with scene Change your earspot anytime, anywhere

Four-axis smart directional gyroscope
Ear picking is not biased!No matter what angle Ear picking can in all accurate
Without this technology, ear picking is easily biased
Inadvertently dig the wrong ear and hurt the ear

17 secret ear picking accessories
Unlocking Soothing Peak
Pick the secret chord deep in the ear The refreshed art of plucking your ears

144 ear picking addictions
Unlock your refreshing peak
6 ear spoons x 3 massages x 8 enjoyments From auricle to eardrum Enjoy your ears easily

Non-sensing intelligent temperature control
Super strong to avoid overheating Same temperature with human body
Approaching without a sense of temperature

Innovation breakthrough
PC +silicone Q spring ear spoon
Gentle picking Baby doesn't hurt
Strict compliance with hygiene standards
Safety and comfort above the market

Magnetic induction switch
Turn on when you open the cover Shut down when
you close the cover

Turn on when you open the cover
It's technology, more human
Boot Automatic direct connection
Get started in one go

More consideration
Every detail is elegant and moving


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Keira Kling

Good product very clear shipping OK sorry for the gross image

Lula Ullrich

Smart Visual Ear Stick

America Kautzer

Smart Visual Ear Stick

Keon Koepp

Well packed works perfect!

Zack Zieme

All functional excellent product and arrive super fast.