Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

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This Ultrasound Cleaning Machine has 45000Hz High-Frequency Vibration that can cleaning stains for watches, jewelry, glasses, and various items 

Cleaning Stains includes fingerprint, oil, oxide layer, residue, and removing odor


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Products Details:

products size:211mm*100.8mm*60.2mm

inside size:158mm*68.5mm*38.5mm

Material: ABS+SUS304 stainless steel

Timing: 3 minutes

Weight: 345g

Rated Power:15W

Rated voltage:12V

Package Included:
Chinese Manual*1
Power Adapter*1


Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
Small Volume & Large Capacity
45000HZ High Frequency Vibration
360 " Stereo Cleaning
Cleaning Stains
Watches, jewellery, glasses, razors, baby's pacifiers, various item saccompanying us in life, hidden stains on the surface and
in the gaps,daily cleaning is difficult to remove, affecting our mood and health.Ultrasonic cleaning machine will make your
personal items look new

45000HZ Vibration Frequency- Efficiently Cleaning
The high-frequency vibration separates the air in the liquid from the water to form a bubble of 50500um, which expands and
ruptures under the action o fsound pressure, and reaches an instantaneous impact force of 1000atmospheres. Continuously
wash the surface of the object to make dust, bacteria and oil emulsification, peeling and cleaning to the micron-level gap
Effective Cleaning
The sweat deposited in the watch chain emits an unpleasant smell, the jewels are old-fashioned under the action of oxygen,
the fingerprint on the spectacle lens turns into an oil mist; the mold on the makeup brush forcibly climbs into your pores; the
razor head cleaning makes it impossible to start.

One-key Operation
Men's Cleaning
Watch, glasses, razor head, deep cleaning can help you recover your charm
Note: Long-term use of paper towels and clothing cleaning glasses will wear,the lens; when cleaning the watch, please remove
the watch body and clean the bracelet separately
Lady's Cleaning
Cleaning Jewelry, watches, makeup brushes for you to help you regain elegance and confidence
Baby's Cleaning
Cleaning Pacifier, teeth chew, children’s toys, baby use more healthy


Touch Button Design-simple & Convenient

Inheriting the Nordic design style, no complicated carvings, simple, natural,and textured


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I'm satisfied

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Well writing helps individuals and make up. Too by the way Shipping is suppressed, with fast four key

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Excellent cleaned straps from watches and glasses, I can recommend